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Made in America

Posted on May 6, 2013

The other day my husband bought a kitchen knife that was stamped “Made in America”. His reaction was, “whoa, you don’t see that too often!” How true is that? Even though he is also a member of the Munro team that has been making shoes in the U.S. for 50 years, he was surprised to see something with a Made in America stamp. We have become so accustomed to buying imported items we sometimes forget that America was once a manufacturing powerhouse.

We here at Munro & Company, are proud to say that our Munro American shoes are Made in America! Munro & Company has three factories & one distribution center; all located in Arkansas. Our corporate office, distribution center, and one of our factories is located in Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas. Lake Catherine Footwear, as the factory is known, is situated on the lakeshore in the Ouachita Mountains. The other two factories are also located in the Ouachita Mountains; one in Clarksville, Arkansas, and the other in Mt. Ida, Arkansas.

I work from our corporate office and seldom have the time to visit the factories. Recently I took advantage of an opportunity and visited all three. The level of work ethic and commitment to quality was something I was proud to see. These American workers take great pride in the off chance that they may see a pair of Munro shoes, “their” Munro shoes, walk past them on the sidewalk or in a store.

Over the next 12 weeks I will share with you what I learned and about how intricate the process of shoe making is along with how much attention our workers pay to quality.

Stay tuned…