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Posted on May 30, 2013

Before even one pair of shoes are made our crackerjack-team of designers & engineers travel the globe, attending world markets, fairs and trade shows looking for the right leathers and components (like buttons and zippers). They look for just the right combinations of fashion and color trends to get you exactly what you want.

 Munro American Blog Made In America Lineapelle

Lineapelle, world accessory & component fair, Bologna, Italy

Many different things influence the design of a shoe’s upper and outsole. It could as complicated as a building’s architecture, as seen here with the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore and the Marisa upper,

Munro America Made In America blog Basilica di Santa Maria Marisa influence                         Munro American blog Made In America part 2 Marisa

Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore                                             Marisa upper with laser cut-out 


or as simple as a stone pattern on a wall, as seen below with an ancient wall in Europe and the outsole design of our Kimi.

 Munro America blog Made iN America block wall Kimi                      Munro American blog Made in America part 2 Kimi outsole   


Art is also a big inspiration and colorful environments, like the outdoor markets in many parts of the world give us a broad range of color combinations to choose from.

Munro American blog Made in America part 2 building art                                        Munro American blog Made in America part 2 Tangier

Street of the Diaginols in Barcelona, Spain                                Tangiers, Spice Multi

See how the color details in this art are reflected in the Tangiers, spice multi.

Sometimes color comes from a simple place like a street market. 

Munro American blog Made in America part 2 Florence street market

Florence, Italy

But it’s no picnic. These guys are on the move. The whole trip through Europe is done in less than 2 weeks; 9 countries in 8 days is not unusual. A lot of time is spent in train stations and airports and waiting on buses.

Munro American blog Made in America part 2 Florence train station

Florence, Italy train station

Once, while a female member of our team was checking into a hotel in Italy, she happened to look down (if you are in the shoe business you can’t help but look at people’s feet!) and noticed a pair of our very own Jerri shoes on another hotel guest. Our designer pointed out the coincidence and the two struck up a conversation. They ended up having a lot in common and being single travelers decided to have dinner together that evening. 

Don’t be surprised if the next time you’re checking into a hotel someone strikes up a conversation with you about your shoes!