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Shopping On-line and What to Watch For

Posted on June 4, 2014

There are many different places you can find or purchase Munro Shoes on-line. However, without diligence you could be duped into purchasing merchandise that is old, worn, or counterfeit and not supported by Munro. Here we’ve put together a list of on-line versions of places our shoes can possibly be found.

Official site: www.munroshoes.com Munro & Company opened the website in May 2013. When you buy from this site you are purchasing directly from the manufacturer. Although there is no implied warranty to our products, we do stand behind the craftsmanship of the merchandise. In addition, as the official site and distributor of the Munro brand, we also have a generous return policy on unworn, resalable products purchased on our website. There are other perks to purchasing from www.munroshoes.com, including a rewards program that includes free shipping & free returns, along with the opportunity to accumulate reward points toward another pair of Munro shoes from the website.

Referral sites: are websites that search out products with certain parameters, usually the lowest price. The sites referred may or may not include the official website. Some referral websites collect a commission for the referral, some do not. Sellers found on referral sites may not have a return policy so please read the fine print carefully when purchasing from a referral site so you know the terms of the purchase. A referral site may point you to a website that is not secure. Munro is not affiliated with any referral sites; merchandise purchased through one of these sites is not supported by Munro.

Third-party sites: Some of these websites “host” retailers. The “host” sites are used by individuals to sell new, slightly worn or heavily used shoes. Other types of these sites sell merchandise that one may purchase via a bid-like process; where the highest bid “wins” the merchandise. The websites rely on individuals or very small stores to supply the buyer with the merchandise so again, check the return policy and the security of the site from which you actually make the purchase and enter your personal information. Munro is not affiliated with any referral sites; merchandise purchased through one of these sites is not supported by Munro.

Sponsored link: These are advertisements on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Microsoft, etc. You will find the sponsored links at the very top & sometimes the right hand side of the page. Most often the search engine will plainly & adequately denote that the link is an advertisement; however, sometimes it’s not clear. It costs you nothing to click on a sponsored link, just be aware that these are at the top of the search, not because they are relevant or important, but because the company paid the search engine to list them in that physical location based on one or more of the words that you typed into the search bar. Not all advertised links are directed to Munro authorized retailers. Please be aware that Munro supports merchandise purchased through Munro authorized retailers only.

You need not be afraid to purchase on-line; just to be aware of the type of website you are purchasing your merchandise through. If you have any questions or concerns about the Munro Shoe merchandise you are thinking of buying, please contact our customer service department for guidance prior to making your purchase: 1-800-819-1901, M-F, 8:00 am – 4:30pm, CST.

Updated: August 9, 2016