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Water resistance: able to resist the penetration of liquids to some degree but not entirely.

Waterproof:  impervious to water; generally made from rubber, plastic or other non-porous materials.

While the upper material of most Munro shoes have been treated for water resistance, they are not waterproof. In order to be waterproof the upper is a non-porous material (not leather) with sealed seam construction.

Know your outsoles.

Munro sources all of its outsoles from manufactures who are committed to quality assurance.

Munro uses many types of outsole materials: latex rubber, EVA, PU, TPU, etc. Each compound provides different levels of weight, comfort, and wear.

Microscopic air bubbles in the PU compound contribute to the weight and comfort of the outsole. If moisture is permitted to accumulate in the tiny air bubbles it will cause a change in the chemical composition of the outsoles; which could cause hydrolysis (crumbling or breaking apart). To get the most out of your shoes with PU outsoles, wear them on a regular basis and keep them in a dry environment. 

Rubber is not affected and TPU has a very high resistance to hydrolysis.

An internet search of 'hydrolysis outsoles' will provide you with more information on the subject.

All Munro styles have the outsole material listed in our printed catalog and on each style pages of our website.

Unlined shoes?

When a Munro style is intentionally unlined it allows the leather upper to mold to your foot providing wonderful comfort. An occasional consequence of using unlined leather is an industry term called “crocking” which means the transference of color. You may experience crocking from this leather to your foot, sock or hose. Lotion and perspiration may exacerbate this effect but the color should wash off. 

How accurate is the color of the shoes on the website?

Though our photography tends to be very accurate, some leathers do not reproduce well photographically and color discrepancies may occur due to the type of screen you are using and it's settings (just like the variation in different brands and models of televisions). 

How can I find a retailer near me?

Click here to find a Munro retailer near you. You may search within a 10, 25, 50, 100, or 250 mile radius or you can search the entire United States. You may, also at any time, contact customer service by email or by calling 800-819-1901.

Can you help me find a style not on the website?

Please contact customer service by email with the name of the shoe you are wanting or the best and most complete description of the shoe. You may also call our toll free number 800-819-1901 for assistance.

Why can’t I find my favorite shoe anymore?

While we are first and foremost a ‘fit’ company, we are also in the highly competitive fashion business. With each new season we need to introduce new styles that follow the trends in the marketplace and coordinate with the latest clothing and accessories consumers are buying.

In the 50 years we’ve been in business, we have had hundreds of popular styles. Almost all of our styles come in 74 different sizes and widths, so keeping just one color of one style in stock takes a lot more shoes for us than it does for the average brand. If we kept all of our popular styles in stock we would need far more manufacturing capacity and warehouse space than we could possibly maintain. In order to offer new styles and keep up with current trends we must bring along new shoes and that means letting some older styles go.

The good news? We have brought back many discontinued styles in response to consumer demand, so let us know what you like because we do keep track of customer requests.

What do I do if I have a defective shoe and the Munro retailer referred me to you?

We apologize but we are not able to service shoes that were not purchased from this website. You will need to contact the retailer where the original purchase was made and request they contact Munro customer service on your behalf.

What is a last?

A last is a mold a shoe is made on, much like a dressmaker’s mannequin. Every different type of shoe has to have it’s own last, a high-heeled pump cannot be made on the same last as a flat sandal. All Munro shoes are made on combination lasts, which means the heel is narrower than the ball. Our shoes have a difference of 2-widths, so an 8 medium (B) shoe has an 8 narrow (AA) heel.

Our website and catalog provide the last number for each style. These numbers are randomly assigned and have no relation to fit characteristics. If you find a shoe that fits you really well, another shoe made on the same last will have a similar, though not identical, fit.

What is the difference between heel height and last height?”

Last height is the elevation of the heel above the ball of the foot. This indicates the podiatric impact of a shoe on the foot and is the measurement Munro uses on the website and in the catalog. We refer to it as heel height so customers will know what we’re talking about.

Please bear in mind that most shoe companies consider heel height to be the height of the heel above the ground.

Why do shoes fit so differently, even ones made on the same last?

The style of a shoe does much to determine the fit. Let’s take a woman who wears a size 8.5 medium (which is the average shoe size of women in America). She has a very regular foot except for a very high instep. She fits easily into a low cut pump because the fit points of this style are only at the ball of the foot and the heel. However, when she tries on a slip-on shoe with the fitted vamp that comes up high on the foot, she does not find it comfortable, even though it’s made on the same last. Feet are unique, and it is impossible to accommodate every foot characteristic in every style of shoe. Most of us come to know the styles of shoes that fit us best.

How do I know my correct size?

Shoes are made all over the world and different countries use different sizing standards based on either metric or imperial units of measurement. US and UK sizing are based on the Imperial while systems from Europe, Japan, Korea, use the metric. Sizes do not translate exactly from one system to another so the only way to really know what size you are is to try the shoes on.

Most companies offer between 7 and 14 sizes and between 1 and 3 widths. MUNRO OFFERS 19 SIZES AND 5 WIDTHS. THAT IS THE FIT DIFFERENCE! See our sizing section for more details.

How to take care of my shoes.

Please refer to “Cleaning Instructions. Though, for specific shoe care instructions, please contact customer service by email or call them at 800-819-1901.

Can you help me to find a shoe with the same fit, last, or heel-height?

If you have a question about the fit of a particular shoe, please email customer service or call them at 800-819-1901.

To find like shoes with the same last, please go to the shoe gallery page of the website and click on the smart search button (on left) for “fit your foot”, enter the last number. All shoes manufactured with that last will be listed.

Next, heel height, please go to the shoe gallery page of the website, click on the smart search button (on the left) for “heel height” and choose the heel height you desire. All shoes with that heel height will be listed. Both the heel height and the last information will only include shoes that are currently on the website. For older styles, please email customer service or call them at 800-819-1901.

Please send me a printed catalog and/or add me to your mailing list.

To be added to the mailing list, please click on the “closet” icon at the top of this page to enroll. You may also email customer service at munrocs@munroshoe.com. Please include your name, address & phone number.

Do you ship outside the U.S?

No. We ship to the contiguous United States, Alaska and Hawaii only. However, we do have stores located in the Canada, Great Britain & Australia; please email customer service or call 800-819-1901 to find a store near you.